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Get Naked For The People You Love.

It's much easier to get naked physically than emotionally. We are less protective of our bodies than our emotions. Allowing someone to see you naked emotionally requires a great deal of trust. Most of us are emotional virgins. Meaning we've yet to allow anyone to penetrate our inner emotional selves, only our outer physical selves.

When we were born, we came into the world naked, both literally and figuratively. No need to explain the literal part of being born naked. But the figurative aspect is in reference to how, at birth, our minds are essentially a blank slate, as we've yet to develop dysfunctional coping skills (or any coping skills at all for that matter) to protect us from emotionally unsafe situations. We had yet to know the emotional and social repercussions of vulnerability. We're at a baseline of emotional stability; We'd yet to even develop emotional scars to cover up with defense mechanisms. And as a result, in childhood, we would say how we feel, do what makes us happy, and stand up for what we believe. But, sadly, as life progresses we slowly unlearn to be emotionally free--or naked.

Just like with our bodies but to a much lesser extent, we fear if we reveal ourselves beyond what is seen on the exterior people might not like what they see. We’re far more insecure about the imperfections of our minds than that of our bodies. We camouflage our real wants and personality quirks out of fear of rejection. And somehow we convince ourselves that the persona we present to the world is an emotionally safer option than showing up as our authentic selves. Perhaps at some point, someone made you feel your true self was inferior, and you believed them. So being a mere shell of yourself seemed to be a better option than being true to who you really are. Or it could be that sharing your true feelings is emotionally unsafe so you suppress your real feelings, needs, and/or wants to appease those around you or avoid the vulnerability that comes with those feelings.

Regardless of what the reason may be for not living your life authentically raw, or as I like to call it "naked," one thing is certain; each moment you spend not being naked, a small part (sometimes a not so small part) of your innate inner-beauty dies. The more you suppress your true values, needs, and wants, is the more you subconsciously send a message to yourself (and others) that your thoughts aren't beautiful, and you're not worthy enough of being validated as such.


Trauma Causes Scars That You Can't See

Your knees and elbows have scars from your childhood just like your mind does; except we can easily cover the body's imperfections with clothing. How do you cover up mental and emotional wounds? By shutting down and distancing or using secondary emotions like anger and jealousy, of course. I say that jokingly, but that's a very natural reaction to protect our feelings from other people. We get so used to responding to emotions in this way that the true meanings that underlie those feelings become lost in the abyss of our inner psyche which we have no conscious memory; thus no understanding of what may have caused such emotional reactions.

We’re always told that we should be proud of our body image despite its flaws but what about our emotional self-image? People never really give any real game on how to accept the way you see yourself on the inside. We mistakenly believe that self-acceptance comes naturally--either you have it or you don't--which ironically leads to more self-rejection.

People will go to great lengths to work on their bodies so they can be proud of what they see in the mirror, but flaws beyond the exterior, not so much; that's far too uncomfortable. Women cover their faces with make-up, men drape themselves in fancy clothes and expensive cars, not to cover their outer flaws, contrary to popular belief, but to cancel unaddressed inner flaws.

Many people have yet to come to terms that they are loveable or desirable, just as they are. So they try to mirror someone they have seen on TV or social media because they can't fathom the idea that they, in their most authentic state, are worthy of acceptance. And that is more of an inner issue than one that is skin deep. Most insecurities are internal in nature, they're just expressed externally. We mistakenly believe insecurities are made up of deficits in looks, money, or status. But truthfully, those outer insecurities are just manifestations of unaddressed inner issues.


Emotional Nudity takes Courage

We'd much rather face the physical pain from intense workouts, or even worse, surgery, than deal with emotional pain because the recovery process requires a different type of strength; one that very few can tap into. But imagine how satisfying life would be if you actually did work on your mind so you can be proud of what you see when you look into your thoughts about your past and your overall view of yourself? Think about it this way, if you don't love yourself, flaws and all, how can you expect someone else to. You have to take the led in the process of inner love. Because love, in any capacity, especially self-love begins inside, soul-deep, then manifests outward. Love is like a flower. The seeds you plant bloom into something beautiful.

Most of the answers you look for in love and life you already have. The question isn’t what to do…but do you have the courage to do it. Love is an act of courage. Love is not safe, because it’s uncertain. We fear unreciprocated love and avoid it at all costs, which further pushes away from what we desire., which is to experience love.

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