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In Life, the only constant is change

Through life, there will always be things we will get attached to. We have attachments to people, materials, places, we even get attached to certain emotions, like happiness or comfort. Part of the reason we attach is that we subconsciously know what we refuse to accept: everything has an expiration date for the role that it plays in our lives.

Through attachments, we get further attached to ideas and expectations. In other words, we get attached to the idea that situations with people places or things will and should last forever or at least as long we’d like them to. We become married to an idea that causes us to resist change. Which is in direct opposition to one of the clearest facts of life: change is inevitable.

This is not to say that we shouldn’t get attached to people, places... or even things. It’s to say that we should respect the natural progression of life. And to accept the only constant in life is change. We should also accept that change is an unavoidable aspect of our universe. The alignment of the earth, the stars, and the moon, as well as everything else in the galaxy, is forever changing; how pretentious of you think of yourself as an exception to the rule of the universe?

We must believe in the idea of change being a part of our lives, not only when the change is that of convenience.

Every day we wish for a new car, a better job, mental wealth, a husband, or a wife. We expect change all the time because we subconsciously know that change is inevitable. We even go as far to pray for change. We respect the law of change in nearly every moment of our lives, except for when it comes to change that we do not wish for. This type of thinking just furthers our suffering when we encounter unwanted changes because we refuse to truly accept the universe's nature except when it’s convenient.

When you refuse to accept change you cause yourself to suffer more. We must learn to accept blessings for the time that we have them. And respect the fact that we were blessed to have them at all even if for a temporary time, for many weren’t fortunate enough to receive them at all.

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